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Worry Stones

Worry Stones

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Introducing our collection of worry stones, designed to bring you comfort and peace.

Available in two convenient packs, discover the soothing touch of worry stones. Hold these stones in your palm, feel their smooth texture, and let your worries melt away.

Choose the pack that suits your needs or opt for the harmonizing energy of the 7 Chakra worry stone for balanced tranquility.

**Tiger's Eye + Hematite**: Harness the grounding energy of Hematite combined with the protective and empowering qualities of Tiger's Eye. This set is perfect for enhancing courage, strength, and focus.

**Rose Quartz + Amethyst**: Embrace love and tranquility with the gentle, nurturing vibrations of Rose Quartz paired with the spiritual insight and calming aura of Amethyst. This set promotes emotional healing and inner peace.

**Sunstone + Moonstone**: Balance your energies with the radiant warmth of Sunstone and the soothing intuition of Moonstone. This set is ideal for enhancing creativity, intuition, and emotional harmony.

**Howlite + Obsidian**: Find inner peace and protection with the calming properties of Howlite and the grounding strength of Obsidian. This set aids in reducing stress, promoting clarity, and warding off negativity.

Discover the power of these worry stone sets and invite their magical attributes into your daily life.

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