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Creating tools to help you along your spiritual path of self discovery and magic in everyday life.Specializing in Tarot and Oracle as well as Essential Oil Blends, All Natural Soy Spell Candles, Herbal Teas and other Magical Tools.

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Utilizing the Magic of Tarot and Knowledge of Witchcraft, I will assist you along your path of self discovery, learning and transformation.

✨The $5 Book of Shadows Tier unlocks you the following; -- Week Ahead Community Readings & Discussion, Month Ahead Community Reading & Discussion, Weekly Tarot Lessons & Full Library Access.

Plus you get access to; Daily Post Schedule (see above), Full Moon & New Moon Spreads in current connected Zodiac, Random New Spreads, Tarot & Oracle Deck Flip Through Videos, Random Card Pulls.

Creating and Sharing Spreads to help dive deeper into your path. Using Tarot and Oracle, I will highlight different aspects of your life that need attention. Taking a deeper look into your situations, I offer enlightenment and awareness.

By staying closely connected and working with the lessons and Magic of the Wheel of the Year, I will offer multiple different options to help you along your path of self discovery, learning and transformation.

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30 Days of Magic Workbook of Spreads

Inner Witch Deck Wraps

Practical Magic : Inner Witch Tarot

Elemental Alchemy Oracle Deck

Shop & Product Reviews

"I have been using Joseph's products for almost a year now. I have several of his essential oil blends and they all smell amazing! His candles burn nicely and also smell divine. It is obvious that Joseph takes pride in his work and adds a little bit of Magick into everything he does."


I am in love with this shop! I highly recommend anything they sell. The shipping was fast and the quality exceeded my expectations.


Inner Witch is a beautiful deck! I can’t believe incredible energy that emanates from it. The quality and intention to detail are Awesome.


I love this candle! It's my traveling altar candle and goes with me
wherever I need a little extra magic- outside, the dining room table, my bedroom... and it smells so good!


I look forward to purchasing many more candles from your shop. The smell of this candles is just divine!


This is the most wonderful smelling candle I’ve ever owned! It was perfectly packed
and came with a beautiful postcard! Thank you! I’m passing your shop onto everyone I know.


Quality products, reasonable prices, genuine magical vibes! Love, Love, LOVE! I highly recommend this Witch Shop. Truly divine!


Ahhhhh the New Moon essential oil! I can’t tell you how good their oils feels over your aura for new beginnings and the letting go of the recent old! I’m going to buy this spray until the day I die!


Tarot + Oracle Magic

Client Testimonials

“Joseph is a thoughtful and kind person who uses his gifts to help you realize yours. I appreciate all his wisdom and how genuine his connection is with everyone he helps.”


"Joseph is a gifted reader and his readings have a thoughtfulness and care to them that many do not. I will definitely be reaching out to Joseph for more readings in the future!"


“I can not say enough about Joseph’s readings. Every reading I have gotten with him has been either spot on or has helped me learn and create my path way. I recommend to anyone to get a reading done by him! Trust me you will not regret.”


I love the week ahead readings so much! Getting these readings really help me know
where/what to put my focus on for the week. Joseph’s readings are my go to when I really need some clarity, I would highly recommend!


I love Joseph's attention to detail and I think that's something special about his craft. It's in those small details, that are often
overlooked, where you find the biggest answer.


I decided to get a reading for Lammas In order to see where I can grow as an individual I read the reading and it resonated very much I am in a period that I have to work hard to make a life for myself. This reading gave me needed insight.


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Giving back some magic to mother earth

1st Kickstarter Campaign

With the help of 416 Kickstarter backers - GroundedByTheMoon was able to plant 500 tress in Australia; July 2020

2nd Kickstarter Campaign

With the help of 799 Kickstarter backers - GroundedByTheMoon was able to plant 1200 tress in Oregon; June 2021

Tarot & Oracle Spreads

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