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Witches Coffee and Tea Cauldron

Witches Coffee and Tea Cauldron

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The perfect item for every witch. This GroundedByTheMoon Ceramic mug comes with an Elcto-plated gold Spoon to help you enhant your coffee or tea with more magic. Unique shaped and a great gift as well.

☾ 18 oz Cauldron Shaped Mug
☾ Matte Back w/ Gold Printing
☾ Gold Plated Stirring Spoon
☾ Embossed, Hard Box w/ padding
☾ Microwave & Dishwasher Safe


-Client Testimonials-

"The mug itself is beautiful. Love the matte black with gold lettering. I also love that it holds 18oz. I think the cauldron shape is deceptive as it holds a lot, but doesn't look like a huge unwieldy mug. It's perfect because when I make tea, I basically want a vat of it :) If you've been on the fence, go for it!" - Danielle

"Such a Magical mug to drink from. The packaging is even magical. Well made. I want to take it everywhere I find it so enchanting as it holds my magical brew" -Leslie

"Elegant and magickal, the cauldron mug is large enough to hold all of the hot liquids I enjoy and the spoon is unique and versatile for mixing, scooping loose teas, etc. all in a beautiful box!" - William

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