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PREORDER Altar Cards - Inner WItch Tarot

PREORDER Altar Cards - Inner WItch Tarot

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Altar Pack

***Please Note: By purchasing this preorder you understand and agree that these items will ship between 10/2022-12/2022 because decks needs to be printed and shipped to me first

Inner Witch Tarot Bookmarks

Altar Set 1: POWER

  • IV - The Emperor
    V - Book of Shadows
    VII - The Chariot
    XIII - Death / Rebirth

Altar Set 2: MAGIC

  • I - The Witch
    II - High Priestess
    VI - The Lovers
    XXI - The World

Altar Set 3: SHADOW

  • IX - The Hermit
    XI - Justice
    XV - The Devil
    XX - Judgement

Altar Set 4: ELEMENTAL

  • Ace of Fire / Wands
    Ace of Air / Swords
    Ace of Water / Cups
    Ace of Earth / Pents
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