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Tarot Tea : Illuminated Insight

Tarot Tea : Illuminated Insight

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Divination is a sacred practice. Are you looking to connect deeper with your guides and get in touch with your intuition? This Tea was crafted to be used with Tarot or Oracle readings to amplify your magical connections, while keeping your grounded and focused. Created to help enhance your card reading experience.

The perfect herbal blend of magic to help you connect and honor the divine.
Creating an inner calm and enhances focus. Created to be used before or during divination work of your choosing.

Handcrafted and specially made Herbal Tea Magic Blend, Crafted with ethically sourced and USDA Certified Organic herbs and flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Each tea jar is individually made, blessed and charged under the moon.

This loose leaf herbal tea is caffeine free and includes Lavender, Dandelion Root,
Blue Cornflower, Damiana Leaf, Chamomile Flowers and Lemon Peel.

Brew 1 Tablespoon in a strainer of your choosing for 5-7 minutes, or your desired strength.

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