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Amas Veritas - Self Love Spell Candle

Amas Veritas - Self Love Spell Candle

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Custom handcrafted all natural soy essential oil 4oz candle.

Every Candle is hand poured and comes with an included Crystal.


This oil blend was created to help you invoke self love and embrace the love of others.

-Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood Essential Oils

-Rose Quartz Crystal

-Cotton Wick


*Every candle is personally infused and charged under The Full Moon

Perfect size for your altar and any magical work.

Jar is reusable!!! Great for storing herbs and other magical items.

When your candle is finished, place in the fridge for two days then pop out left over wax with a butter knife. Simple and easy.

** 18-20 hr burn time**

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