Witches Grimore Oracle

About the Deck

This deck will focus on the magical connections and lessons available from mother earth's plants, herbs and trees.


Witches Grimore Oracle

 My inspiration for this deck came to me as i have been  digitizing my book of shadows, a digital grimore if you will. Every card will contain the associated Element, Planet and Zodiac aspects as well as a connected magical practice.



✨Each Card is traditional tarot size - 2.75" x 4.75"

✨ 40-46 Card deck with additional spread cards*
Bookstyle magnetic box with pullout ribbon*
✨350 gsm matte finish with colored edges
Gold Foil and Spot UV box design

* Stretch Goals during Kickstarter 


Designs and Descriptions created by

Joseph Benitez-Egerton

-Grounded By The Moon-


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