Inner Witch Tarot

About the Deck

⋆ The Practical Magic : Inner Witch Tarot is a simplistic take on tarot designed for witches and created to be used in unison with the Inner Witch Oracle.

⋆ Work with the Elements. Connect with the Cards. Unlock your magic. 

☾ The Inner Witch Tarot is both down to earth and simple to use.

With the Guidebook, you will gain a deeper insight to the meaning of the cards.


The Practical Magic : Inner Witch Tarot 


⋆ Inspired by my love and admiration for the movie and complete novel series, Practical Magic.

⋆ Aimed to be used daily or whenever you seek the need for guidance. This deck can be used on its own or can compliment any other Oracle or Tarot reading.

⋆ Gorgeous and Informative Guidebook empower your Inner Witch

⋆ Spreads and Instructions included



-Each Card is traditional tarot size - 2.75" x 4.75" and comes in a full color box bookstyle with Guidebook for easy storage and travel.

✨ 88 Card deck with 5 additional spread cards
✨ Bookstyle magnetic box with pullout ribbon
✨Full color 100+ page guidebook
✨350 gsm matte finish with gold foil or black holographic edges
✨Gold Foil and Spot UV box design


2 Editions to choose from - 2 Edging Options

There are two editions of this deck. The Full Moon and The New Moon Edition. See below for more details.


Full Moon Edition - Gold Foil Edging 

The Full Moon Edition comes in an elegant and beautifully done Gold Foil Edging. Creating more shine and shimmer, perfectly. Matching the deck. This gives the deck a very regal and almost Victorian energy and style.


New Moon Edition - Black Holographic Edging

The New Moon Edition comes in a gorgeous and very unique stunning Black Holographic Edging. Creating more a rainbow effect when light hits in different areas. Getting you lost in the magic.



Designs and Descriptions created by

Joseph Benitez-Egerton

-Grounded By The Moon-


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