Inner Witch Oracle

About the Deck

⋆ The Practical Magic : Inner Witch Oracle is a 37 card oracle created to assist and empower you on your journey of self-discovery and everyday life. This unique deck will help you get in touch with your Inner Witch.

☾ The Inner Witch Oracle is both down to earth and simple to use.

With the Guidebook, you will gain a deeper insight to the meaning of the cards as well as an included affirmation with each card meaning.

The Practical Magic : Inner Witch Oracle 

⋆ Aimed to be used daily or whenever you seek the need for guidance. This deck can be used on its own or can compliment any other Oracle or Tarot reading.

⋆ Each card has an identifying image and a keyword

⋆ Gorgeous and Informative Guidebook empower your Inner Witch

⋆ Spreads and Instructions included

⋆ Inspired by my love and admiration for the movie and novel series, Practical Magic



-Each Card is traditional tarot size - 2.75" x 4.75" and comes in a full color box bookstyle with Guidebook for easy storage and travel.

✨46 Card deck with 9 additional spread cards
✨Bookstyle magnetic box with pullout ribbon
✨Full color 100+ page guidebook
✨350 gsm matte finish with gold foil or black holographic edges
✨Gold Foil and Spot UV box design


2 Editions to choose from - 2 Edging Options

There are two editions of this deck. The Full Moon and The New Moon Edition. See below for more details.


Full Moon Edition - Gold Foil Edging 

The Full Moon Edition comes in an elegant and beautifully done Gold Foil Edging. Creating more shine and shimmer, perfectly. Matching the deck. This gives the deck a very regal and almost Victorian energy and style.


New Moon Edition - Black Holographic Edging

The New Moon Edition comes in a gorgeous and very unique stunning Black Holographic Edging. Creating more a rainbow effect when light hits in different areas. Getting you lost in the magic.


Fun fact about the cards in this deck

You can use them as casting cards for you altar (Elementals), use the moon cards as activation cards or even to help with moon spreads. You can also utilize the crystal cards and embrace the power and magic. The possibilities are endless, created to help you embrace you own inner witch

Designs and Descriptions created by

Joseph Benitez-Egerton



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