Exploring My Exhaustion

Exploring My Exhaustion

Exploring My Exhaustion 7 Card Spread
Are you experiencing a Burnout?
Confront it and reveal the answers needed for you to gain momentum and progress forward.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing burnouts more often lately and rather than being stuck, I wanted to utilize the power of tarot to find out the causes and how I can progress forward.

I created a 7 card spread to help dive deeper into your current burnout, unveil the Answers and Move Froward. Please share and tag me. I would love to see your readings and hear your thoughts.
📝I suggest you do a journal entry with this spread as well for better and deeper understanding.

🪔 Enhance your reading with the magic of Lavender; Essential Oil, Incense, Candle or the Herb itself. 🌿

🎴Perfect to use with Tarot or Oracle.

📨 DM me too book this reading for $80✨
📖 I can’t wait to release my book of spreads (and possibly others) I am still working on it, but here’s another that’s gonna go in the book.

🤔 What other spreads would you like to see? Are you excited for the book? Tell and tag a friend.

🕯 Just a reminder: the spreads that create and share are for personal use only. You and your friends.
✨Please do not endeavor to make money off of my creations.

I hope you enjoy this spread and as always, please tag me if you share or repost. Much appreciated.
Blessed be witches. ✨🙏🏻✨
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