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Garden Grimoire Journal

Garden Grimoire Journal

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This journal helps you learn about your plants, deepen your connection, and unleash your inner magic while working in your garden.

  • Record plant info, explore herbal lore, and create rituals.
  • Cultivate an enchanting garden filled with nature's magic.
  • Sections for Zodiac, Planetary, Elemental + More!
  • Spaces to record light exposure, elemental associations, and plant types (perennial, annual, etc.)
  • Care instructions to help you nurture each plant to its fullest potential
  • Insightful folklore and historical references to deepen your understanding and connection with the natural world
  • Medicinal uses section to explore the healing properties of plants and herbs
  • Opposite page designed for garden or spell notes, allowing you to document your observations

A beautifully crafted tool that will empower you to create and cultivate your own magical garden.
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