Daily Magical Workings

Daily Magical Workings

Daily Magical Workings 3 Card Spread
I wanted to share with you a special spread that I created and personally use every morning. Start your day off with this lovely 3 card pull. Try it out — Unveil the Energy. Know your focus. Begin the day.

🕯 This is a wonderful spread, I personally utilize at the beginning of of each day. Please share and tag me I would love to see your readings and hear your thoughts. ✨

📝I suggest you do a journal entry with this spread as well for better, deeper understanding and reflections as well.

🎴Perfect for Tarot or Oracle;
feel free to pull additional cards if needed.

📖 I can’t wait to release my book of spreads. Still working on it but here’s another that’s gonna go in the book.
What other spreads would you like to see?
Are you excited for the book?

Just a reminder: the spreads that create and share are for personal use. Please do not endeavor to make money off of my creations. I am more than happy to perform these spreads or any others for you. Just book an appointment.

I hope you enjoy this spread and as always, please tag me if you share or repost. Much appreciated.
Blessed be witches. ✨🙏🏻✨
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